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Crafting allows to create:

Job Masters

Some job masters

Player will find lots of characters during his journey. They will ask him to complete tasks for them such as helping them to find specific objects, materials or build structures. Through specific quests line, some of them will allow to use their crafting skills once player has gained their trust: they will then become job masters, allowing to create advanced objects, which allow to explore further into the world...and into the galaxy too!

They will provide assistance in many different ways:

  • research new recipes
  • repair broken items
  • dismantle objects to learn how to reproduce them
  • recycle outdated objects
  • harvest crops for cooking
  • fight by your side
  • build structures following your orders

The first master players will meet is named Watts the blacksmith. Here's a partial list:

  • Watts the blacksmith, creator of most of the metal armors and weapons in the game.
  • Hiro the cook
  • Jack the builder
  • Billy the farmer
  • Amy the fighter
  • Lukas the engineer
  • Akusalah the goldsmith
  • BigBang the kid genius

Watts the blacksmith BigBang the kid genius


The weapon crafting interface

The object crafting system of Planets³ works via a simple assembly system: each object is divided into different parts, and these parts can have different shape and be made of different materials. The shape and the material of each part will define the statistics of the object. Higher quality materials create a higher quality finished product – or even an entirely new one.

When finding an object, with a subpart that can’t be crafted yet, player can choose to dismantle it to learn how to reproduce the object at will, or construct new objects with the newly acquired subparts !

The more advanced the technical level, the more powerful the crafted items will become, but also the more complicated the recipe to create them (requiring more resources and/or rare resources).

An additional option when creating a tool or weapon is to create your own subparts, which will allow you to make your own 3D model and assign attributes similar to those given for pre-defined tools. It is currently unknown whether 3D models will have to be imported as a file, or if the game will include an editor. There will be restrictions to prevent players from creating cheap, overpowered weapons.

Crafted materials

Some materials are not found directly within nature, and require crafting using a recipe and some workshops:

  • Reverberatory furnace
  • Loom
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Laboratory
  • Nuclear furnace
  • Distillery

In this interface, the target material is shown in the center hexagon, with the required materials and "workshop" shown around the edge. One slot (top left) is always reserved for coloring the target material, allowing for even more customization in building materials.

Bronze recipe Carbon fiber recipe Marine stainless steel recipe

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