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Vehicles control blocks

Construction is a central part of the Planets³.

More than being just an adventure game, Planets³ is also a construction game. Some quests in the game will ask the player to build houses or vehicles. This aspect of the game will allow the player to express their imagination and to build all they have ever wished for all with the flexible Planets³ blocks.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Some quests in the game will require the player to build houses (Job Master’s houses for example) or vehicles. To accelerate things you can call on the builder Job Master to help you out. You will then be able to record the building patterns for key structures and reuse them in another spot, at another time in the story.

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

During your journey you’ll come across animals which you can tame and mount. But the best way to travel is to create the vehicle you wish: just assemble the blocks to get the shape you want and add the necessary control blocks (motor, cockpit, wheel …). Vehicles control blocks are crafted as any other object in the game, but the player will need to find the engineer job master to unlock the recipes.

Ground vehicles and animals are not the only means of transportation. Planets³ will have specific control blocks for spaceships!

Some of the stretch goals can unlock other specific control blocks for boats, planes and helicopters.

To create a vehicle, players will need to find a control block, such as an engine. Don’t feel like tricking out a ride? Players can trade for pre-made vehicles by bringing NPCs the needed resources. Building your own unique ride or leaving it up to the job masters – the choice is in your hands.

Motojet[edit | edit source]

Motojets or hoverbikes require 3 types of control blocks.

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Spaceship[edit | edit source]

Spaceships require 3 types of control blocks.

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Blueprints[edit | edit source]

Constructions can be saved as blueprints using the recorder, and duplicated easily.

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