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Steam early access was announced on 2016-02-09[1] and released on 2016-10-11[2].

The initial price was $20/€20.

The Steam version is the beginning of story of the final game, which will be enriched during the early access. It is foreseen to last at least a year, with updates around every two months.[3]

As of patch it also includes a free DLC with a music selection of 24 tracks that can be heard in the game.

EA1[edit | edit source]

EA1 patch was released on 12th October 2016.

The major features are:

  • Beginning of the story on Merx, including a tutorial for key bindings and game mechanics.
  • UI usability improvement (look and feel, quest system and tracking, planet map and mini-map, sort buttons in inventory, ...) so that players are not lost at the beginning of the game.
  • New types of blocks (energy material, explosive material, laser blocks,...) and re-balancing of block levels and recipes

EA2[edit | edit source]

EA2 patch was released on December 2016.

The major features are:

  • Istara generation with 3 biomes with flore and fauna (bee, brakh, spider).
  • Blueprints sharing via Steam Workshop
  • New control blocks for spaceship creation
  • New quest log
  • New annex quests
  • New secret counter for dungeon’s secrets
  • New death mechanism : a part of the inventory will stay where you died
  • A new item, the ESD allow you to respawn with all your inventory
  • New option for FOV, mouse sensibility and vertical synchronization
  • New Creative mode features
    • Export to Custom mode
    • Possibility to disable inertia
    • Possibility to undo / redo blocks destruction with grenade and weapons
    • Possibility to put creatures in the world
  • New recorder right-click usage: automatic recording of all connected blocks
  • Swapper can now be used on moss or vegetal
  • Migration all game sound into WWise audio engine
  • New audio occlusion with blocks
  • Rebalance of all loots (creatures and chest)
  • Revamp of help window
  • New skin for legionnaires and centurions
  • Improved AI of existing legionnaires and centurions
  • Optimizations:
    • FPS when moving
    • Network bandwidth usage

EA3[edit | edit source]

EA3 is planned for "early 2017".

Planned major features are:

  • Custom and Creative universes on Steam Workshop
  • Effects (“buff” / “debuff”), like “be poisoned”
  • Improvement about the survival aspect of the game
  • Vehicles improvements
  • Dedicated server

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