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Kickstarter logo.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that Cubical Drift initially used to fund Planets³.

Planets³ Campaign[edit | edit source]

The final results of the Kickstarter stretch goals.

The Kickstarter campaign for funding Planets³ began on March 5, 2014. It ended on April 5, 2014 (bringing the month-long crowdfunding project to a close), with:

  • $310,708 pledged
  • 10,357 backers

The base goal of $250,000 included the PC release, with English and French languages.

Stretch Goals[edit | edit source]

The Stretch Goals for Planets³ are as follows:

Goal Addition
  • Additional translations
  • Mac version of the game
  • Additional, non-terrestrial vehicles' control blocks (for boats, planes, helicopters)
  • Linux version of the game
  • PVP system on the planets (no space battle) with territorial control (of a local zone or even the whole planet!)
  • Gas planets, associated craft and gameplay
  • Complete train systems with different rail styles, forms, and tools, as well as different locomotive and wagons' control blocks
  • PS4 and Xbox One versions
  • Playable alien race starting on its own planets (and specific storyline/gameplay)
  • Access to the entire universe (breaking the first solar system limits)
  • Space battles
  • Specific new quests relative to space battles
  • "Space gates" enabling you to travel through space with your spaceship

Pets[edit | edit source]

Pets add-on
Main article: Pet

Following request from backers for some add-ons, Cubical Drift designed some Kickstarter exclusive pets:

  • The little KBot will allow you to detect minerals
  • The loyal Kick will fight by your side
  • The cute Onof will light up dark places

Pets in itself will not be exclusive, but only the small help or abilities they provide.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Pledges Per Day from Kicktraq

Backers Per Day from Kicktraq.

Comments Per Day from Kicktraq.

Backers country distribution[edit | edit source]

Source: [1]

Country Backers
Afghanistan 1
Aland Islands 1
Argentina 13
Australia 434
Austria 78
Belarus 2
Belgium 101
Belize 1
Bolivia, Plurinational State of 1
Brazil 37
Bulgaria 9
Canada 554
Chile 3
China 3
Colombia 5
Croatia 5
Curaçao 1
Cyprus 3
Czech Republic 15
Denmark 109
Egypt 1
Estonia 5
Finland 48
France 1357
French Polynesia 1
Germany 636
Greece 1
Guatemala 1
Hong Kong 10
Hungary 11
Iceland 6
Indonesia 1
Ireland 25
Israel 12
Italy 69
Japan 13
Jersey 1
Kazakhstan 1
Korea, Republic of 5
Latvia 3
Liechtenstein 1
Lithuania 5
Luxembourg 10
Malaysia 12
Malta 1
Mexico 17
Monaco 1
Namibia 1
Netherlands 100
New Caledonia 2
New Zealand 50
Norway 174
Panama 1
Peru 2
Philippines 1
Pitcairn 1
Poland 24
Portugal 14
Puerto Rico 1
Reunion 2
Romania 4
Russian Federation 79
Serbia 1
Singapore 30
Slovakia 10
Slovenia 7
South Africa 12
Spain 110
Sweden 162
Switzerland 103
Taiwan 3
Thailand 11
Tonga 1
Turkey 11
Ukraine 10
United Arab Emirates 4
United Kingdom 629
United States 3917
Uruguay 3
Viet Nam 3
No Answer 1110
Total 10223

Updates[edit | edit source]

A total of 14 updates were released during the Kickstarter campaign's duration.

Update Brief Description
Update 1: Rewards, alpha, console/mac/linux version, Space enemies opus Discusses Kickstarter rewards for backers, and clarifies that backer rewards will be available only on the PC. Rewards will also be available for the Mac, since the Mac stretch goal was successfully reached.
Update 2: Cube-shaped planets? What about gravity? Discusses gravity in the game.
Update 3: Planets³ is now a Greenlight concept Explains that Planets³ is a Greenlight concept on Steam.
Update 4: About Multiplayer Describes PvP mode and Co-op mode, the two forms of multiplayer in Planets³.
Update 5: More about the team Lists the team members working on Planets³.
Update 6: Female armors Addresses the concern of Planets³ being potentially "sexist" and gives examples of female avatars.
Update 7: Halfway there Celebrates the project being 50% funded and reveals a "big secret:" ³ = Alt+0179.
Update 8: Pledge add-ons Announces three Kickstarter-only pets, KBot, Kick, and Onof. These could be obtained through adding $20 to an existing Kickstarter pledge.
Update 9: Character evolution and statistics Describes the weapons, vitality, power, vigor, and performance systems in Planets³.
Update 10: Block materials and combat system Describes materials used in Planets³, block shapes, and weapons/combat.
Update 11: Final straight Addresses the impending closure for Planets³'s Kickstarter campaign, and discusses the game's voxel approach.
Update 12: Materials available in Planets³ Introduces the crafting/materials system in depth, and reveals BigBang, the kid genius Job Master.
Update 13: Time to switch on the rocket's engine Celebrates the completion of the initial goal, and introduces the next stretch goal.
Update 14: A successful campaign for Planets³ Thanks the backers for their support and devotion to the project, and celebrates the Mac stretch goal of $300,000 being reached.
Update 15: Weekly status Gives details about the week after the end of the campaign, what the kickstarter surveys will ask and about choosing pledge add-ons

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • March 14th saw the largest growth, with 1219 backers pledging 33,303$.
  • The Mac stretch goal ($300,000) was completed on April 5, 2014.
  • A total of 14 updates were issued during the duration of the campaign.
  • 10,357 backers contributed to this project.
  • The video on the Kickstarter page was watched more than 273,000 times.
  • The fully colorized strech goals rocket can be seen on Reymantha's website.
  • The trailer soundtrack is not from Cubical Drift, but from composer MrKey and is called "Cosmotologie."
  • Confirmation surveys were released on April 14, 2014.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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