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Alpha was the early development phase from the pre-alpha of May 2015 to the release of Steam early access in October 2016.

It consisted of three independent prologues to the final story.

The Cognitron Mineshaft[edit | edit source]

The alpha 1 (patch was released on 27th May 2015[1].

The version is a prologue taking place 200 years before the main story. The player is Number 6, a prisoner of a Cognitron mine, who is in possession of secret plans in his neural implant, and has to escape to the surface with the help of Amy.

Its main features are:

  • the first preview of a procedurally generated dungeon, with its mini-map.
  • an introduction to two of the main species: the humans and the Cognitrons.

Multiplayer was initially disabled due to issues, and not to delay the release, and was re-activated in patch

Rokh Camp[edit | edit source]

The alpha 2 (patch was released on 14th October 2015[2].

The player's mission is to help the human resistance and retrieve some secret plans in a tree infected by Arkuloids, while exploring a multi-biomes planet (probably Tellus).

It is focused on:

Blocky Blockade[edit | edit source]

The alpha 3 (patch was released on 8th June 2016[3].

The player is Myra, a female mercenary hired to help the rebellion on Merx.

Its major features are:

  • the fortress of the Imperium Machina, a mix of procedural and designed dungeon
  • new enemies: legionaries and their imperator
  • first vehicle - the hoverbike.
  • Merx planet generation and fauna.

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